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Energy switching is a chore. Let us do all the complicated and tedious work for you.

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How Glow Save works

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1. Sign up once

Simply complete our short form. It will only take you a few minutes and you'll never have to compare energy rates or switch yourself again.

We can pull all your online tariff information directly from your current supplier.



2. We send you a free savings quote

We search the whole energy market for your best tariffs - all 52 UK suppliers. Your savings are calculated taking in account any exit fees and discounts. 

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3. Never overpay for energy again

Simply activate your subscription after reviewing your savings quote and we will process your first switch. We email you the details for your records but you don't need to do anything.

We then continue to check your bills and the market throughout the year and seamlessly switch you when your tariffs expire.






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MoonClerk provide full SSL encryption for your annual subscription payment and are Payment Card Industry compliant.

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Personal information is securely SSL encrypted and stored. We will never sell your data or send spam emails. 

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We send you a full savings quote

We seamlessly switch you onto your quoted tariffs

We check your switches with you in advance

We seamlessly switch you when your tariffs expire

We offer expert advice on the phone

Choose to subscribe after receiving your FREE savings quote.


Never worry about your energy rates again


Our clients say

Such peace of mind to know that someone is making sure we’re on the best tariff – we’d been overpaying for years.
— Janice from Bath saved £580
Thanks very much BRILLIANT!

Great service, and I’m so impressed at the speed with which you have done the research and arranged the switch.
— John from Tetbury saved £581
Fantastic work and fantastic switch.
— Liz from London saved £125

80% of UK consumers are overpaying for their energy - Ofgem

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Let us keep you on your best energy rate and save you the time and hassle of switching.


Never Switched?

Not a problem. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Switch when you want.
    We don’t need to wait for your tariff to expire. 
  2. Your energy supply won't be disconnected.
    Switching energy tariffs won't leave you without electricity or gas. Your current supplier will continue to supply your energy until your new supplier seamlessly takes over. The only change will be smaller bills.
  3. No new meter, works or connection visit required.
    Your current energy meter will do just fine.

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We are 100% independent


Why independence matters?

As we are not paid by energy suppliers we can access every rate in the market. "Up to 60% of the top energy deals may not be available through comparison sites" (Telegraph Money 2016)

In contrast comparison sites require you to do all the work, yet take a £30-£60 commission for each switch. As they are paid by the suppliers there have been concerns about their impartiality; resulting in the recent CMA investigation into price fixing.

Glow Save is 100% independent and our clients never overpay for their energy.

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