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We set up Glow Save to ensure that no one overpays for energy again.

When trying to find the best tariffs we found the energy market complicated and confusing. Comparison sites only provided us with a list of tariffs to compare. We still had to do all the work whilst they took a big commission from the supplier. We thought there must be a better way to finding the best energy tariffs and switching.

After much research and testing we discovered that there was a opportunity to pass on huge savings and remove the chore of energy switching.


Our history


First we worked on finding our family members their best rates and then switching them. Our family were so impressed with their savings that they told their friends. Their friends were so impressed with the peace of mind of being on the best rates that they told their friends. Soon we opened our service to everyone.

Our vision is to bring fair energy pricing to all consumers.


The Founders

Rob Hemms

Rob Hemms

Rob started his career as a Lloyd's reinsurance broker placing specialty and then financial lines.

Rob is a Bath based entrepreneur and he co-founded Glow Save in 2016. He has a thorough knowledge of energy tariffs and the energy market.

Rob graduated from the University of Leeds.

Rory Bate-Williams

Rory Bate-Williams

Rory's most recent role was CEO of a mobile app start-up, focusing in the message space.  Prior to this Rory spent three years working in management positions at one of the UK's largest private companies. 

Rory has a BA in Politics from Newcastle University and an MBA from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.  He was also selected by the New Entrepreneurs Foundation as one the UK's brightest young entrepreneurs.  Rory has founded several start-ups including an ecommerce store and a marquee hire business.

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